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Why Sleeved Resistance Bands?

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Optimize Weekly

Dangers of “Naked Tubing”

The most common type of resistance band is made of elastic tubing, or “naked tubing”, and have a short lifespan. When a resistance band reaches the end of its lifespan, it snaps. Resistance band breaks are dangerous and can injure the person exercising. People work out to improve their fitness and health, not get hurt. Resistance bands are an incredible way to build muscle and lose fat but traditional resistance bands are not the safest solution.


There are three reason resistance bands snap: wear and tear, overstretching, and age. Stroops developed a smarter breed of resistance band called Slastix, which is short for safety-sleeved-elastics. At the core of Slastix technology is a protective sleeve that makes the Stroops resistance bands safer, more durable, and longer lasting than traditional naked tubing resistance bands. We use Slastix technology in all of our products, from the classic Toner, versatile VITL Kit, or intense Son of the Beast battle rope.


The sleeve on Stroops Slastix resistance bands keep people safe. Resistance bands have a stretch limit, if you stretch them farther than they are intended to go, they break. The sleeve of our Slastix stops the user from stretching the band inside anywhere close to its breaking point. This is done by making the length of the sleeve much shorter than the max stretch limit of the resistance band within. If the resistance band inside Stroops Slastix were to break, the person exercising doesn’t get hit or lashed because the resistance band is sealed inside of the protective sleeve.


Not only do Slastix keep people safe, but they have a much longer lifespan than tradition naked tubing. The resistance band inside of Slastix is protected from outside nicks, cuts, and wear and tear that normally causes damage to resistance bands. The Slastix sleeve even protects the band from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, which can deteriorate elastic tubing.

Slastix also prevents users from overstretching the resistance band. Remember, one of the main causes of resistance band breaks is overstretching. In fact, overstretching also leads to resistance bands losing their strength. There is nothing that tells people when traditional resistance bands are being overstretched. With Stroops resistance bands, the sleeve on the Slastix maxes out, and you know you cannot stretch it any farther. Because Slastix bands cannot be overstretched, they last a lot longer than your average resistance band. You can combine our innovate resistance band design with a training protocol called training zones to get the most out of your resistance training.


Traditional resistance bands are considered cheap and replaceable. We don’t think people should buy something with the expectation of it breaking and potentially causing harm. Stroops Slastix resistance bands are a premium alternative for gym owners, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts who want a resistance band that is going to be safer, be more durable and last longer than other bands.

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