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VITL Moves for Abs

by | May 1, 2019 | Optimize Weekly, Uncategorized

Ab Moves with the VITL Kit

Today we’re bringing you some ab-specific moves you can do with the VITL Kit at home or on the go to spice up your workout or to round out your training. Today we’ll be using Slastix, a pair of Foot Straps, and the Textured Grip handles that come in your VITL Kit.

Importance of Abs

The abs are important for holding up your whole torso, and they do a crucial job of stabilizing your spine. Strengthening your abs will not only improve your posture but can also protect your back from injury, as well as provide aesthetic appeal. Adding in resistance like our Slastix bands is a great way to increase the intensity of these exercises without needing weights or a full gym.

The Moves

Bicycle Crunches

Set up for your bicycle crunch with the Foot Straps, facing your anchor point, attach your Slastix to a low anchor point and through the orange section of the Foot Strap on the bottom of your shoe. Perform your crunch, making sure to engage your abs, rotating from the shoulder, and ensuring that you’re not straining your head and neck.

Side Plank Crunch

Begin your side plank, keeping your body in a straight line –  setting up with your feet together, and your forearm supporting your upper body. If needed to modify, arrange your bottom leg at a 90 degree angle on your knee to help support yourself. Using the same low anchor point and Foot Strap on the orange strap on the sole of the shoe, crunch your top knee to your top elbow. Make sure to repeat on the opposite leg and elbow to hit the other side.

Leg Raises

Using the same low anchor point, clip your Slastix to the back ring of the Foot Strap. Lay back and begin with your legs in the air at a 90 degree angle, slowly lowering them by degrees, using the strength of your abs to support you. You can keep your arms alongside your body, or tuck your hands under your lower back for support. Return your legs upright to complete one rep.

Cable Crunches

Switching from the Foot Straps to the Textured Grip Handles, move the anchor point to a high point. Kneel, facing away from your anchor point, placing the handles on the side of your face by your ears. Crunch forward, so your elbows approach your thighs, making sure to engage the abs.

Torso Twists

Standing, clip your Slastix to a mid anchor point with your side facing your anchor point holding the Textured Grip Handles in both hands. Twist your upper body away from your anchor point with your handles and resistance bands tracking across your toros, return back to the start position with control.

Wrapping Up

We hope you love these moves, and incorporate them into your workouts to spice up a routine and strengthen your abs.

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