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Travel Workout with VITL

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Optimize Weekly

Fitness That Goes With You

If you travel for business or pleasure, you may have encountered limited gym options in an Airbnb or hotel. Anyone with a regular workout routine will miss their favorite squat rack and machinery at the gym when they’re on the go. Fortunately, resistance bands allow you to take your workout with you in a convenient package. The VITL Kit combined with a Spine Strap allows you to anchor your Slastix to a secure door wherever you are so that you can get after it while on the work trips, visiting family, vacation or vanlife-ing like a boss.


Set up the Spine Strap by running it around the door, cinching the strap tight, then shutting the door. If it’s possible, secure your Spine Strap going the opposite direction of the the door swing – you want to make sure you’re pulling the door closed, not accidentally yanking it open. If, like our hotel room pictured here, your door swings into the room and the same direction you’re pulling, use the lock to help secure it for your workout. Clip your Slastix to the appropriate anchor point for each movement, moving as needed. Take care to allow yourself the proper Training Zone.


To do the workout shown here, do 5 rounds of 30 seconds of each exercise, with 30 seconds of rest in between.

The Moves:

  1. Jumping Lunge Rows – mid anchor point
  2. Rotational Press – mid anchor point
  3. Frontal Raises – low anchor point
  4. Power Jacks – low anchor point
  5. Lat Pull – high anchor point
  6. Chest Press – mid anchor point


There’s no reason to let your goals slide or your fitness slip while you’re busy running around living a fabulous life. If you like to workout wherever you are, we hope these tools help achieve and maintain your lifestyle. The VITL Kit is the perfect way to work out at home, gym, or on-the-go.

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