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Product: VITL, Loop, Slastix, Foot Strap

Lower Body

Stroops trainer Lexi posing for a photo

Lexi Purrington

Training Style




This lower body resistance band workout is a 28 minute workout using the loop and vitl or slastix, and foot strap. This workout with Lexi focuses on the glutes, legs, and core. It emphasizes hip mobility, strength, and balance. Follow along and complete the workout with the video above or the descriptions below.

Exercise Group:

Round 1 Exercise Circuit (3 Times Through):

Round 2 Exercise Circuit (3 Times Through):

Round 3 Exercise Circuit (3 Times Through):

Workout Duration:

  • Round 1: 10min
  • Round 2: 9min
  • Round 3: 9min
  • Total Time: 28min

Timing Details:

  • Circuit Style Structure
  • 30sec of work
  • 30sec of rest
  • 1 min rest between each round