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Train When You Want

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Opinion | 0 comments

This is your life, so train at your own speed.

Not everyone has the opportunity or desire to go to the gym, but with this little orange bag your workout moves with you. The VITL Kit takes the thought out of working out, just work when you have time.

If you would rather be outside in the sun or just get a sweat at home, both are possible just have a sturdy spot to anchor to.

There are no limits of muscle groups or lines of pull you can focus on. The kit includes two foot straps for any leg and butt movement you can imagine. Simply clip in to one of the three attachment locations for different exercises to gain the correct line of pull.

Start using Stroops in your training

Also included are two handles and the swivel belt to give you any workout you can imagine. Just switch your anchor height and attachment to target any and every muscle in your body.

This little orange bag is the perfect accessory for any fitness individual, take it with you or leave it in your car so it’s always handy. No more worrying about where to store equipment or tripping on dumbbells laying around the house. Every necessary piece of equipment you’ll need fits securely inside and can be tucked out of the way.

So if you’re ready to optimize your movement and train at the speed of your own life, get the bag that goes through life with you.

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