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Stroops Tips on Working Out While Traveling

Mar 9, 2017 | Opinion | 0 comments

Traveling can disrupt your workout routine and even ruin the momentum you’ve been building for weeks or even months. Predicting your travel schedule can be very challenging, especially when flying. That’s when the Slastix Toner band is perfect. Once you’re at your final destination, putting in a quick workout will be a breeze.

Traveling Made Easy

Thinking ahead will help you prepare for working out while on the road. Be aware of the below thoughts so you can avoid missing some training.

Training Times – Trying to find some extra time to workout while you travel requires some
planning. Use your schedule to try and map out ideal times for a quick resistance band training
exercise. Morning is usually the best time for a workout because it’s when you have the most
control of your day. Plus training in the morning eliminates the concern for unexpected end of
day schedule changes. The Slastix Toner can make early morning workouts realistic.

Lack of Activity – One of the worst parts of working out while traveling is the lack of
activities that leads to joint stiffness. The lack of activity will require additional warm-up
and activation training, but with resistance band exercises, you get the benefit of stretching
with the band beforehand. Pre-breakfast stretching routines go a long way in getting the day and
your body off to a great start.

Learn Your Location – If your hotel has a gym, go and check it out! Compare it to your room and
see where you want to train. Resistance band training is versatile, making it easy to adapt
yourself where you need. Checking out your location will let you determine the types of workouts
you will be able to do and where. Look for things like floor space, attachment points or what
the gym offers. This will allow you to get your workout set up.

Finding a Workout Spot – Not all hotels have gyms, which is fine if you have a resistance band.
The ability to workout anywhere is less of an issue and you can train with full intensity. Not
only will you be able to workout where you want, but also the resistance band will give you the
chance to workout your entire body

Adding extra workouts to your routine while traveling will help you build momentum and strength. With the Python Striker, you can take your upper body workouts to the next level and fit it perfectly in your luggage. No matter what your routine, make it constant. Draw up your routine before you leave your home. Add extra workouts in case there are some exercises that won’t work while you’re traveling.

Resistance band training is ideal when it comes to working out while traveling. It will help you keep your training momentum while also building up your body strength.

Extend Your Workout

Need more resistance or a larger training zone? Learn to link and stack to get the most of your Slastix.


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