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Stop being Lazy

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Opinion | 0 comments

You hate barbells, squat racks aren’t your thing, but still you want to fill out your jeans. So how are you gonna do it? What is it going to take to build that perfect Instagram worthy booty?

It doesn’t take much more than being in your own home. The bonus is you don’t need to buy a bunch of extra equipment, all you really need is a small orange bag. How is it that one bag can carry everything you’d need to round out those glutes?

That’s the beauty of of the bands, you don’t need to invest a small fortune in buying a bunch of equipment. All you need is something sturdy, a band and an attachment. Seems too simple, right? It doesn’t need to be complicated, working out shouldn’t be an ordeal. Especially with a busy life, we all just want convenience and to enjoy what we are doing.

There are definite benefits of working out at home. For one, you’ll no longer have that one creepy guy checking you out in the gym while you workout. You won’t have to worry if your leggings are squat proof. And, you don’t have to make a trip to the gym so when you finish a session you’ll get to use your own shower.


Start using Stroops in your training

We all know half the battle of working out is getting to the gym, but now your gym time is centered around your time, whether that is before getting ready or watching TV.

It’s not complicated and working out shouldn’t be complicated. No matter what exercise you’re looking to perform you can manage them with the bands. You’re probably thinking it’s easy, the bands don’t seem challenging enough to really get a good workout. If that has crossed your mind, just strap your foot in and try it. These bands are meant to fight you back. They aren’t for the timid and the weak, you have to be willing to fight them or give up. And if you’re giving up on your workout, how good of a workout was it really?

So stop skipping those squats and finding excuses for why you haven’t filled out your jeans yet. You have no excuses anymore, so just clip in your feet and get going. It’s only you stopping yourself.


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