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Stay on Track this Holiday Season

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Opinion | 0 comments

It’s the greatest time of year. Snowflakes are falling, Christmas lights are glowing and carols are being sung. Friends and family coming in town, which is one of the best or most stressful moments of the holidays. Everyone has their own bad habits when it comes to stress, but for many it seems food becomes the go to.

You find the cookies surrounding you more inviting because eating away the stress seems like a good idea, until that Christmas dress you’ve been so excited to wear no longer zips. With just one zipper, all the accumulated stress becomes a downward spiral of anxiety in your life. So how are you supposed to avoid the holiday crash and stay on top of your fitness goals? Here are a few tips to keep your holidays bright and keep on track before those New Years Resolutions.

First, you don’t need to eat all the sweets. As tempting as they are, not every sugary delectable treat needs to be consumed. It takes practice and self-control to not eat everything presented to you. Especially if you know that you have a tendency to indulge. Be sure to set some ground rules so that you may give yourself every advantage. Try to limit yourself to 3-5 treats during parties you may attend. It seems inevitable to say you will not eat any junk food at parties, and you shouldn’t feel bad for occasionally indulging on sweets.

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Be sure you’re drinking water! Dehydration is the last thing anyone wants, especially around the holidays. As a good rule of thumb, after every drink you have be sure you follow it with a glass of water. Not only will water prevent the dreaded hangover that will ensue, but also will help so you don’t get sick. One of the biggest downers during the holiday season is getting sick and knowing you’re missing out on all the fun with your friends, so drink some more water, and even your skin will thank you.

Don’t kill yourself to get to the gym. You should still be moving each day, but it’s not mandatory to go smash some weights for two hours. Go for a walk or do some yoga; just something to get your blood flowing. Especially if you’re someone who gets stressed out by being around family for extended amounts of time, take gym time or just light movements as time for yourself, away from everyone. But if you feel burnt out and dragging, then take time to rest. Our bodies need some time to recover, so be sure to take time to also relax.

Finally, ditch the guilt. There’s so much stigma about what you should or should not be doing. I guarantee you will eat at least one treat, and maybe have at least one drink. But allow yourself to enjoy it. It is the holidays. This is the time to engage with the festivities and the people around you. Don’t stress out too much over what you’re consuming; if you set guidelines for yourself you’ll be set. It is okay and healthy to let yourself indulge a little. So let go of the guilt, put on that beautiful Christmas dress and enjoy the moment!

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