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Self Love for Sanity

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Opinion | 0 comments

It’s the season of love, and for some this means one of the most wonderful days while for others it’s going to be a day of grief for what you don’t have. No matter which category you fall under remember more than anything, to love yourself first.

Self care, it’s just like rest days we all need them, but we also deny them. Sometimes you’ll have to eat that burger just to stay sane. Goals are there to help motivate you and allow yourself to strive for something great, but don’t let them be a roadblock. Don’t let your goals take away from you actually living.

We’ve all eaten bad and felt guilty about it, but if you aren’t doing it everyday then you deserve to indulge. Allow your impulses to take over once in a while. If nothing else to keep your sanity. Your goals aren’t going anywhere, and you’re not about to become obese because of one meal or one day. It’s hard to stick to something if you give yourself too many restrictions, so loosen up a little bit.

If you need take a day and sit on the couch then go for it! Don’t let a scale dictate your life. If your day revolves around a number then you’re not really living. So let yourself go a little crazy, but don’t give up.

It’s okay to fall as long as you don’t stay stuck on the floor every time. They don’t call this a process because it happens overnight. It’s a process because of the journey, so let the journey motivate you, but don’t let it dictate your everything.

By no other means, having a healthy lifestyle is meant to benefit you, your mind, your body and your soul. Take care and love yourself first, everything else will come later, but your own sanity is more important than a few reps.

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