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Resisted Power Toss

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Performance | 0 comments

We’re switching our focus from finishers to performance moves for the next few weeks.

This first move will help increase your maximum speed and power and we guarantee you’ve never seen it done before. For anyone looking to control their core or work on their upper body as well as just increase their overall athletic performance, give this move a go.

For this move you’ll need two Slastix, two Punch Cuffs, a medicine ball and a sturdy anchor.

The Move

Attach two Slastix to the Punch Cuffs, clipping in at mid anchor point. Get down into an athletic stance and jump forward. At the end of your broad jump, toss the medicine ball in front of you. Repeat this move three to five times, and then rest completely before going again.

Key Points: Set up your training zone so the Slastix are not maxing out during your toss. Be sure your client is keeping their chest nice and proud through the jump as well as when they are grabbing the ball from the ground. Finally, make sure your client’s core is nice and tight throughout the entire move.


Give this move a try and let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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