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Protect Your Gear

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Opinion | 0 comments

Our top priority at Stroops is to bring high quality products to our consumers. To ensure the quality stays at peak condition we recommend some care for your products.

Whenever you’re using Slastix there should be a clearly marked safety and training zone. The training zones are intended not only for your safety, but also to maintain the lifespan of your Slastix. Depending on the product, or if you are utilizing linking and stacking, your training zone will change. Always know the area you should be training in.

Along with training zones, the sleeve does have a limit. At a certain point of tension, the sleeve will prevent the Slastix from being stretched. This is maxing out the sleeve, which is something we want to avoid. The sleeve is intended to protect you and the equipment. In the case of something happening to the band the sleeve will prevent a slingshot reaction that may injure you and anyone in the surrounding area.

One concept we always mention is anchors, with the versatility of the bands, you may anchor to other objects beside what we have predetermined. Just remember when anchoring to anything is that it is secure. Performing exercises on something that isn’t secure may result in serious injury.

And safety for our consumers is our top priority.

Start using Stroops in your training

Because you may anchor to anything, you can take Slastix anywhere you train. Just keep few things in mind when going outdoors:

Since some components are metal, they will rust as they get wet, so we ask for any and all equipment to be kept in a dry area. We understand nature cannot be controlled, and especially in the warm months of the year no one wants to train indoors.  Remember after each training session to store any and all equipment out of the elements.

This means leaving your Slastix out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. The longer any Slastix is left in the sun or just kept somewhere that is incredibly warm will effect  the band inside. As the band warms up it stretch further than intended, which may lessen the lifespan of your equipment.

Finally if any of your gear gets dirty you may wash it, but we do request you hand wash and lay out to dry.

If you follow these guidelines your products will withstand a longer lifespan, allowing you to train without needing to purchase new gear.

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