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Outdoor Summer Essentials

by | May 22, 2018 | Opinion | 0 comments

The sun is shining, birds are singing and the grass is no longer covered in snow. Pretty cliche right? Who cares!

It’s finally warm again, so get ready to leave your stuffy gym and sweat outside. As you shed some layers and pack up your gym bag, remember some important essentials to get the most from your workout.

One of the most important items you should always carry, especially when active in the sun, is some fluid to keep you hydrated. Keep some water and a sports drink to rehydrate your body. Your body will need help replenishing all the fluid lost through sweat, so make sure you’re on top of it. Don’t take the risk of heat exhaustion; go prepared.

It’s also a good idea to have some sort of sun protection and a snack. After sweating you can enjoy the sun and hangout with your friends, maybe tan for a bit. It’s okay to be over prepared, but you don’t want to be outside with no plan if you and your friends decide to stick around.

Finally, bring your favorite equipment. One reason we love bands is because they pack easy, are lightweight and can be used anywhere.

No matter what training style best suits you, there is a band to compliment every movement.

Start using Stroops in your training

You can to tone up with the simple yet versatile Loop or Toner. Both make awesome traveling companions and can tone your entire body.

If you want to target specific muscle groups and have a variety of attachments, grab your little orange bag or VITL Kit, full of the essential tools to get your best workout.

Or if you really want to shred, grab your Son of the Beast ropes and get ready to put up against the ropes that fight back.

Whatever your workout style is, pack your gym bag with a little orange accessory along other essentials and get outside. The sun is calling!

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