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Not Your Mom’s Resistance Band

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Opinion | 0 comments

Everyone knows that simplistic resistance band, the one every mom has two handles at each end. It seems no matter how many years go by they are always around, and they somehow haven’t changed at all. It’s just like the idea, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

Whether anyone wants to admit it, there is a problem, they’re constantly breaking. Every product has a specific lifespan, and unfortunately most of the cheap bands are relatively short.

So we fixed it.

You may be thinking, it’s exactly the same as others. They look the same and serve exactly the same purpose. Technically you aren’t wrong, but with the protective sleeve we promise a longer lifespan. So you can cherish your equipment longer.

It’s easy to see a very similar product that won’t cost as much and buy that product over ours. But those five dollars you’re saving getting an inexpensive product also means you will have less time to use it over time. No one ever wants to spend more now for anything, but when you need to continually keep rebuying the same product every couple months, those five extra dollars save a lot of money later on.

Start using Stroops in your training

So besides the quality, what really makes the Toner so great?

One of the best qualities is how versatile the band is. There is no limit to which muscle group you may target or the line of pull. With just one product you may work your entire body.

It seems these days a lot of people have a mentality that you must lift heavy weights to get the figure you want. A lot of people forget the fight against resistance or gravity. The key is to challenge your body to get stronger. So think beyond just lifting something heavy and try fighting against an opposing force, like a resistance band.

The toner is great any movement and any experience level. You can use it as the main workout, warm up or cool down. Maybe you are even looking to rehab, this is great for that as well. With just one piece of equipment, you have the perfect system to get an awesome workout down without ever needing to change equipment.

So loose the idea that resistance bands are just for moms who want to workout in their living room. Bands are for anyone trying to get stronger and tougher.

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