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Not All About Butts

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It seems these days the gym and social media are flooded with girls using resistance bands in hopes of gaining a perfectly round glute. The Loop is great to activate those muscles in either warm-up or during your workout to light up that booty.

But there’s more to this simple resistance band than just the typical booty builder workout, and not just women use them. Wether you’re looking to increase range of motion in your lower body or just lengthen muscles the Loop is an easy assist for either. Simply hold onto either end, pulling against the resistance for movements like shoulder flexibility, or loop around your foot for mobility drills.

The Loop is also a great addition to any upper body work. Adding resistance provides a force greater than just gravity. So if you’re looking to tone those arms this is a great addition to your workout, perform anything from tricep extensions to arm pulses.

Also, for anyone who travels, this is the perfect fitness accessory. It’s small and very light weight, so stuff it into your luggage, briefcase or backpack for those workout moments on-the-go.

Small and versatile, this is the workout made easy that goes where you do.

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