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Myths: Sore Muscles

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Opinion | 0 comments

Sore muscles, it’s something we all go through. No matter how often you workout it’s unavoidable. But why does it seem like some days you become more sore than others? You workout wasn’t any less difficult than the day prior, and still you’re able to actually to stand up and walk.

The point of having sore muscles isn’t to let yourself know you worked hard. Although working hard in the gym can make you sore. It comes on because of the small tears you’ve ripped. Whenever you lift heavy you tear your muscle fibers a little bit, and as these fibers recover they bind back together to be bigger.

During recovery there is an overall heightened sense of pain that will create your muscles to hurt. When your muscles get sore and overused usually it’s because (DOMS) delayed onset muscle soreness coming into effect. Sometimes even when we’ve done something that was not very strenuous DOMS still occurs. The point is you’ve done something your muscles aren’t used to. They haven’t had to perform in the way you’re now expecting them too, so in return they get sore and tired.

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One way to relieve the soreness is consistency, the more you do the same movements the more your body gets used to them, so in turn you won’t be in as much pain. There’s definitely a beauty in muscle memory, but you also don’t want to get set in a zone of doing the same thing over and over again. As much as it will cause you pain there’s a benefit in being sore; it means you’re pushing yourself and working more than just a few muscle groups.

Don’t let the pain stop you. We all have good and bad days, some when we feel weak and run down and others when we feel unstoppable. All of these are good and crucial to the process. Whether you feel like you’ve tried hard or barely pushed yourself you may wind up in pain either way. The point is pain can be a good thing, no pain no gain right? But it also doesn’t mean if you aren’t in pain you aren’t trying.

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