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Power: the ability to act, accomplish; strength; might; force.

A true athlete knows that power is derived from a strong character. As a human product performance company, we believe that character will continue to be our most intrinsic strength. Stroops employees share an unwavering commitment to integrity. In all aspects of our business—from how we associate with our customers, distributors, our affiliates or one another —we conduct ourselves with integrity. We expect it of ourselves and of those with whom we associate. Passion. Just like true character and integrity, passion generates power. There is no replacement for people who are passionate about life and about what they do as a profession. We believe that our passion for what we do will change the lives of countless athletes and ordinary individuals across the globe.

Agility: the ability to move quickly and nimbly and act with intellectual acuity; ingenuity.

Ingenuity is what makes Stroops products different from any other product in the world. And it’s what makes our employees different too. Every employee at Stroops is expected to work as agilely as the elite athletes for whom we work. As an agile human and product performance company, we expect our employees to make a habit of using their personal ingenuity to anticipate and overcome new challenges, to resolve problems intelligently and nimbly, and to strive toward achieving our highest goals. Indeed, we reward those agile employees who make the most of their time and our physical resources to create products, systems and processes as innovative, cost-effective, and cutting-edge as possible. By using our intellectual acuity to outmaneuver and outsmart our competitors, we remain positioned to lead the industry in the key areas of quality, innovation, and customer service.

Speed: rapidity in moving or performing; swiftness.

When it comes to speed, no one is faster than Stroops. As the first company to invent and market many of the world’s most innovative fitness tools, we are committed to maintaining our foothold in this highly competitive arena. When going the distance is required, Stroops has demonstrated extraordinary stamina year after year. As Stroops expands its reach to more and more markets, our employees are prepared to outdistance our competitors, and will jump at every chance to accelerate the rate at which we produce ingeniously designed products.