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Meet the Beast

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Stroops Products

Basic battle rope overview

Battle ropes are fun tool to mix into your training, whether you’re trying to use them for whole body conditioning or the arm and shoulder workout of a lifetime. However, you are limited to a few basic movements with a traditional battle rope, and they have a few other cons as well. Hold tight while we dig into the dope rope that Stroops makes that you can use as a battle rope and a resistance band.

Why ours is better

Regular battle ropes made of hemp or nylon are big, heavy, awkward to manage, and unruly to pack around. Our Beasts are lightweight and can be chucked into a gym bag for ultimate portability. We’ve also covered the outside in the same fabric as the rest of our Slastix, protecting you from the interior band breaking. This fabric makes using the rope a pleasant experience – no fraying, frazzled rope fibers from taking a repeated beating, and they look professional and finished hanging on the wall in your gym or facility.


To add more challenge to a traditional battle rope, you either have to go with a longer rope or a wider diameter. However, our battle rope comes with extra resistance (literally) built in. This makes them super versatile for a few reasons. First, it’s easy to scale up or down the resistance by getting closer or further away from your anchor point; no need to buy thicker/heavier or longer ropes. Second, because it’s a giant resistance band, you can use it for resistance band exercises like jumping, rowing or pulling with the rope; on top of all the slamming your battle rope loving heart desires. Lastly, if you need more resistance than you can get by moving away from your anchor point, we have “heavier” resistance weights for you to easily scale up, form 47 lbs, 77 lbs to 105 lbs – all packed into the same size rope, needing to get thicker, heavier or longer.

Get a Grip

The ends of most battle ropes are either totally bare, or a maybe a plastic end cap. Ever use a traditional battle rope, and you’re stuck clutching the ends, fighting to hang on? While your goals for using a regular battle rope might be grip strength, Stroops has added soft fabric handle ends to our Beast, making it easier to manage and get your workout without having to fight the rope you’re trying to use for a workout. As a bonus, you can use these handle loops to clip the ends of your rope to different anchoring options, a pull belt or do additional exercises with the bands, including things like rows.

The Pro Kit

If you just want to slam or row some ropes, you want The Beast. However, if you want to expand your training to all that these resistance bands offer you, you want the Son of the Beast Pro, our kit that includes the two ropes, carabiners to attach them, cloth anchors, Rubber Agility Dots, and a Power Pull Belt. 

Power Pull Belt

The Power Pull Belt is the perfect accompaniment to round out the training you can do with the Beast ropes. Now, instead of just doing slams, you can clip on a belt, and do sprints, jumping, skaters, and other cool speed and agility resistance exercises. Mix all these kinds of movements – slams, rows, pulls, or jumps – together to create a super fun, killer, full-body workout.

A word on anchoring

Because the amount of force when using a Beast rope is slightly higher than our Slastix bands, you want to make sure you’re securely anchored to something that your ferocity and strength won’t destroy mid session. As with any resistance band, make sure that you’re safely anchored to something that can withstand the rigors of your training. We have several options for gym and home use we like; such as the Spine, Portable Base or Performance Station; but you can always use a secure post or pole and the cloth anchors if you’re on the go or training outside at a park. 

A quick reminder about training zones and maxing out the band

We know the temptation is strong with The Beast to get carried away during training and strain the band or yourself. Remember to always set up your safe, training, and danger zones, and be sure to train only within the safe zone. Use the rubber Agility Dots from the Pro Kit or Hurdles or Cones to mark out your zones. Doing so will ensure that you’re training in the range of resistance tailored for your body, as well as ensuring  the safety of your resistance band. Click here to read more about our articles on not maxing out the band as well as how to set up your training zones.

The Beast and the Son of the Beast Pro kit are one of our favorite products here at Stroops Headquarters. We think they cram massive amounts of training options into something cost-effective, & portable, while challenging you and providing a super fun workout. We hope you love it as much as we do. Thanks and happy training!

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