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Importance of Training Zones

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We all hear this phrase thrown around, but what is it really for? Why do you need a training zone? How is placing a couple dots really going to keep me stay safe while I workout?

Training zones aren’t meant to demolish your pride and make you feel small because you need to stay in this zone. The purpose is to keep you and your equipment safe.

When using the bands we like to keep three different zones, the safety, training and danger zone. There isn’t a set distance for each band on where these zones will be because each zone is unique to the length and stretch of the bands. We recommend following a few easy steps to set up your zones.

So how do you set up? Very simple, get a couple agility dots and walk out to where you have a little bit of slack but a little bit of resistance in your band, this will be your first dot drop. Place the dot at the end of the handle of your band, this is your safety zone. Whenever you are in the middle of a workout this is the zone in which the bands won’t be pulling you forward. For moments you need to take a rest, this will be your space.

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As you keep moving backward, go until the band is taunt and has no more slack. This is what we’re referring to as the danger zone. The danger zone is the area you should not cross. When the band hits its max you risk damaging the band itself as well as putting yourself in the way of injury.

Within the two dots is your defined training zone, the area your body has to work against the resistance. You can perform any move in this zone, but do not go past the training space. Then, when you are getting set up for the next move or you need a moment rest move forward into your safety zone.

It seems easy to remember, train within the area your band has resistance and stay out of the zone that your band will no longer stretch to.

Why would you need an area to be defined for you? In the middle of training you want to push yourself, going as fast and hard as possible, so it’s easy to push yourself too far. Driving your bands to the max will actually create damage to the elastic, shortening their lifespan and will put your own body in risk of injury.

This concept may seem very straightforward and unnecessary, but safety is the most important thing while training. So whether or not you adhere to the zones, remember not to push the bands too far. But if you do, be aware of the consequences.

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