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Get the Most from Your Workout

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Nutrition | 0 comments

The holidays are pretty much over and it’s time to look forward to the New Year. Whether or not you already have a resolution for 2018 or you’re still thinking of one, getting fit is probably in your head somehow.

Especially after all the holiday food, you wake up and look in the mirror every morning and a part of you thinks; if I don’t eat breakfast, I won’t be bloated and I’ll look better throughout the day. Or maybe the next time I workout I shouldn’t eat before because then I’ll burn more calories, and that will in turn make me look better.

Don’t believe the little voice in your head, it’s all a lie.

Research has actually proven that whether you choose to eat before working out or not you will still burn the same amount of fat. What does change is the type of fat you are burning. As you are working out, your body needs some sort of energy to sustain itself and have something to burn off. If you are not eating, your body will resort to stealing energy from your muscles.

So to keep your metabolism going strong and avoid stealing energy from your muscles, be sure to eat anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours before your meal. Try to avoid eating any closer than 45-30 minutes before your workout because it can cause you to feel sick.

For simple snacks before the gym, grab some complex carbohydrates and top it with a little bit of protein, like a banana with some peanut/almond butter, a whey smoothie, oatmeal or greek yogurt with a little bit of fruit. Whatever your go to may be, just give yourself an energy boost before you lift some heavy things.

Start using Stroops in your training

The other step to improving your workout is to help rebuild your energy levels after your session. Ideally, eat between 30 minutes to an hour to help restore energy. The longer you wait to eat will lower the amount your body can refill in your muscles. Waiting about two hours has been proven to reduce muscle store by 50 percent.

So start refueling your body, whether you pack a snack with you to have after the gym or you go stop to pick up a smoothie; just get your body charged and restored. This will help restore your energy levels, your metabolism burning and repair your muscles.

Some great after the gym snacks or meals are a piece of bread topped with peanut butter, a green smoothie, an omelet, hardboiled eggs with toast, chocolate milk, etc… One key thing to remember is to not overfeed yourself. It can be so easy to eat more than your actually burned, so try and limit yourself to what you need and not eat the entire pantry.

So remember next time you look in the mirror and think you should be skipping a meal to burn more, don’t. It will benefit you more to eat something, and you will wind up feeling better!

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