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Get Hyped

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Spotify Playlists | 2 comments

Each month, Stroops will bring you a mix of songs so you can get hyped and crush a workout.

Follow Aly’s mix for some motivating beats and nostalgic rock or Caysem’s collection of fire R&B tracks to fuel your gainz.

Either mix is sure to get you psyched a make the most our of your time in the gym. So put some headphones on and get ready to sweat!

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  1. Renee Rogers

    We purchased the revolution in March 2018. Do you have any videos for more options with that unit? Specifically with the ankle straps. We have had a great time using it and playing with it. LOVE the stroops son of a beast ropes, they are so fun! Please let me know when you have a chance. Thank you,

    • Laura

      So we currently do no have another video besides what exists on the product page. You may subscribe to YouTube and be notified when any new videos come out in the next couple months.
      We’re so happy to hear you love the products and have enjoyed using them!
      -Team Stroops


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