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Clip & Go

by | May 8, 2018 | Opinion | 0 comments

We all have worked lower body or abs and the last thing in the middle of a circuit you want to do is change attachments. Our foot strap is the ultimate all in one attachment to work your lower body. Simply clip and go.

This simple design is a one size fits all, and will keep your foot secure during any exercise performed. To set up, make sure the orange strap is secured around the bottom of your foot, buckle in and adjust the strap to the appropriate tightness.

No matter how tall you may be, this strap is sure to fit. The foot strap contains multiple anchoring locations including, two rings and the bottom orange strap.

Kickbacks, clip in to the ring on the front. Abduction movements, use the ring located on the side. When you want to move into ab exercises most often use the orange strap.

No longer worry about an inconvenient change of equipment or attachment. Pair with Slastix and you have the perfect tool for any lower body workouts you can think of.

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