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Assisted Exercises Using Slastix Resistance

by | Aug 25, 2017 | Training | 0 comments

Using Slastix for assisted exercise

Most clients and trainers typically use elastic resistance for resistance training. But how about ASSISTANCE training? You can use Slastix to provide clients assistance through movements that they otherwise would be unable to perform properly at the time. If you notice your client struggling with a certain movement or experiencing pain, you may try assisting them with Slastix. Always make sure you anchor your Slastix to a sturdy object or a Stroops anchoring solution. Lastly, assisted exercises should be a tool to help clients unlock healthy movement patterns, not a crutch. Leave us a comment below and let us know what your favorite assisted exercises are!

Gear Up

Our go to pieces of equipment for assisted exercises are Slastix paired with the Swivel belt. If you own or purchase a VITL Kit, it comes with both of those pieces included and two cloth anchors for easy anchoring anywhere. If you desire something more robust and versatile, go with the Performance Station featured in the video.

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