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Are You Exercising Naked?

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Opinion | 0 comments

Keep your clothes on

Although working out with your clothes off sounds extremely liberating, we are talking about naked TUBING, not naked bodies. Naked tubing is the typical low-end elastic or resistance band you most commonly found in the fitness community.

Start using Stroops in your training

The resistance “BAN”

Stroops believes there should be a ban on all traditional resistance bands, or “naked tubing.” At their core, traditional resistance bands are inherently dangerous. Do you know how far you can stretch a resistance band? ANSWER: Until it snaps. People get seriously injured when these breaks in resistance bands happen. That’s where Stroops comes in.

A Smarter Resistance Band

Stroops designed the Slastix as an answer to old-school resistance bands. Slastix stands for “safety-sleeved-elastic.” The patented technology protects you while you exercise by encasing the resistance band inside of a sturdy sleeve. With Slastix, if the resistance band inside snaps, the sleeve prevents you from ever feeling its wrath.

Tougher Than Nails

Okay, maybe not nails. But Slastix are much more durable than your average resistance band. The outer sleeve on a Slastix protects the band inside from the elements. This includes rough surfaces, sharp objects, and even ultraviolet light damage from the sun. And the sleeve on Slastix never will never let you over stretch the resistance band within because the length of the sleeve is shorter than the max stretch of the band. Long story short, Slastix are built to last longer.

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